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Shinny Alloy Steel Strip with Width 10mm 600mm and Polished Surface Finish

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Detail Information

Feature: Alloy Steel Powder Or Not: Not Powder
Technique: Hot Rolled, Hot Forged, Cold Drawn Width: 10mm - 600mm
Hardness: HRC 20 - 60 Number: 1.5634
Tensile Strength: 1000 - 2000 MPa Classification: Patented Spring Steel Strip

Product Description

Product Description:

The Alloy Steel Strip made of the SUP10-CSP grade is a high-quality material used in a variety of industrial applications where strength, durability, and resistance to wear are paramount. This particular product conforms to numerous international standards, including AiSi, ASTM, Bs, DIN, GB, and JIS, ensuring a wide range of compatibility and reliability for users worldwide. The composition of the steel, particularly the presence of nickel, makes it a Nickel Alloy Steel Strip, which is highly sought after in challenging environments.

One of the primary attributes of the SUP10-CSP grade Alloy Steel Strip is its impressive tensile strength, which ranges from 1000 to 2000 MPa. This high level of tensile strength indicates that the steel can withstand significant stress before it deforms or breaks, making it ideal for use in applications that demand structural integrity and the ability to handle high loads without failure.

The surface finish of this Alloy Steel Strip is polished, which not only provides a sleek and professional appearance but also contributes to its performance. A polished surface reduces the risk of corrosion and material fatigue, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistency in performance. This attribute is particularly important for applications that are exposed to corrosive substances or are in constant use, making it a Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Steel Strip.

With a width range of 10mm to 600mm, the Alloy Steel Strip suits a broad spectrum of requirements, offering versatility for different design specifications and end-user applications. Whether for small components or larger structural elements, this product's width variation accommodates the needs of diverse industries, from automotive to construction, and everything in between.

The SUP10-CSP Alloy Steel Strip is a Nickel Alloy Steel Strip, which indicates that it has been alloyed with nickel to enhance its properties. Nickel not only strengthens the steel but also increases its toughness, making it less brittle at low temperatures. The presence of nickel improves the steel's ability to form and shape without cracking, allowing for more intricate designs and applications. Additionally, nickel enhances the Alloy Steel Strip's resistance to oxidation and corrosion, ensuring that it performs well even under harsh environmental conditions.

Users of the SUP10-CSP Alloy Steel Strip can expect a product that maintains its integrity and performance over time. The polished surface minimizes the accumulation of impurities, which can lead to material degradation. The mechanical properties of the steel strip, particularly its tensile strength, make it an excellent choice for applications that require high-strength materials that can endure repetitive use without losing their shape or functionality.

In summary, the SUP10-CSP grade Alloy Steel Strip is an outstanding material that combines strength, versatility, and durability. Its compliance with international standards such as AiSi, ASTM, Bs, DIN, GB, and JIS ensures quality and consistency. The high tensile strength, polished surface finish, and the range of widths available make it an adaptable and reliable choice for numerous applications. As a Nickel Alloy Steel Strip and a Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Steel Strip, it is designed to meet the challenges of demanding industrial environments, offering a long service life and exceptional performance.


  • Product Name: High-Strength Alloy Steel Strip
  • Powder Or Not: Not Powder
  • Material: Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Steel
  • Hardness: HRC 20 - 60
  • Surface Finish: Polished
  • Steel Grade: SUP10-CSP

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Material Alloy Steel
Width 10mm - 600mm
Powder Or Not Not Powder
Hardness HRC 20 - 60
Form Strips
Technique Hot Rolled, Hot Forged, Cold Drawn
Colour Bright, shinny
Feature Alloy Steel
Tensile Strength 1000 - 2000 MPa
Classification Patented Spring Steel Strip


The Alloy Steel Strip, designated as number 1.5634, is a versatile and high-strength material that has been crafted through various techniques including Hot Rolled, Hot Forged, and Cold Drawn processes. Its polished surface finish exudes a bright, shiny appearance that not only adds aesthetic value but also provides a protective layer against environmental factors. As a Patented Spring Steel Strip, this product falls under a specialized classification that guarantees a certain standard of quality and performance.

The application occasions and scenarios for this High-Strength Alloy Steel Strip are numerous, given its superior properties. In the automotive industry, this alloy steel strip is often utilized in the manufacturing of leaf springs and other critical components that demand a combination of flexibility and strength. The polished surface ensures a friction-minimizing interface that is crucial for dynamic components exposed to constant movement and stress.

Furthermore, in the construction and architecture sector, the Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Steel Strip is an ideal choice for structural supports and reinforcements. The environmental resilience imparted by its polished surface and inherent corrosion resistance makes it a dependable option for both interior and exterior applications, where long-term durability is essential.

The aerospace industry also benefits from the unique properties of the Alloy Steel Strip. Here, the emphasis on minimizing weight while maximizing strength and resistance to environmental factors makes the 1.5634 alloy a go-to material for various aerospace components. Its ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures is a testament to its robustness and reliability in critical applications.

In the realm of precision engineering and tool-making, the Alloy Steel Strip's polished surface and precise dimensions are highly valued. The bright, shiny finish is not just cosmetic but also reflects the meticulous manufacturing process that ensures uniformity and consistency in performance. The patented nature of this Spring Steel Strip means that it has been engineered to provide optimal spring characteristics, which are essential in the crafting of high-quality tools and mechanical assemblies.

Lastly, in consumer products, the aesthetic appeal of the polished, bright Alloy Steel Strip can be seen in items such as kitchen appliances, cutlery, and decorative hardware. The combination of visual appeal with functional strength and corrosion resistance makes it an excellent material for both practical and ornamental uses.

To sum up, the 1.5634 Patented Spring Steel Strip is a high-performance material that finds its application in various high-demand scenarios. Its polished, bright finish and the versatility of hot and cold manufacturing techniques make it a sought-after product in industries where strength, durability, and corrosion resistance are paramount.


Our Product Customization Services for Alloy Steel Strip with the number 1.5634 offer a versatile range tailored to your specific needs. This High-Strength Alloy Steel Strip comes with a hardness range of HRC 20 - 60, promising durability and performance for various applications.

Constructed from premium Alloy Steel, this strip is ideal for those seeking a robust material solution. The steel grade SUP10-CSP ensures a high-quality Nickel Alloy Steel Strip that is not provided in powder form, guaranteeing a solid, reliable product for your engineering and manufacturing requirements.

Whether you are in the market for components in the automotive, construction, or aerospace industries, our Alloy Steel Strip is engineered to meet the most demanding of environments, ensuring efficiency and longevity in all of your projects.

Support and Services:

Our Alloy Steel Strip products come with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure optimal performance and longevity. We offer expert guidance on product selection to match your specific application requirements. Our dedicated support team is well-versed in the properties and capabilities of our alloy steel strip range, providing you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

To assist with the integration of our alloy steel strip into your manufacturing processes, we provide detailed instructions and best practice advice. Our technical support extends to troubleshooting any challenges you may encounter, offering solutions to maintain the high-quality standards of your finished products.

For those looking to enhance their knowledge, we offer educational resources and training sessions on the use and maintenance of alloy steel strips. This ensures that your staff is equipped with the skills and understanding required to handle the material effectively.

In the unlikely event of a product issue, our service team is committed to providing prompt and effective resolutions. We stand behind the quality of our alloy steel strip products with a robust service guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction.

For continued support, we keep a well-stocked inventory of alloy steel strip accessories and replacement parts. This ensures that any necessary repairs or maintenance can be conducted swiftly to minimize downtime for your operations.

Packing and Shipping:

The Alloy Steel Strip is meticulously packed in durable, weather-resistant material to ensure protection against rust and damage during transit. Each strip is coated with a rust inhibitor and securely wrapped in a plastic film to preserve its surface finish. The strips are then placed in strong, wooden crates or metal containers, with each layer separated by foam or paper interleaves to prevent scratches and abrasions. The crates or containers are sealed and banded for added security.

Before shipping, the packaged Alloy Steel Strip is carefully inspected to ensure compliance with all packaging standards. The exterior of the shipping container is clearly labeled with the product details, handling instructions, and any hazardous material information if applicable. The package also includes a packing list, material certifications, and a quality assurance document to facilitate smooth customs clearance and verification by the recipient.

Our shipping department coordinates with reputable logistics providers to arrange for the timely and safe delivery of the Alloy Steel Strip. We offer a range of shipping options, from ground transport to airfreight, depending on the customer's requirements and destination. Tracking information is provided to the customer once the shipment is dispatched, allowing for real-time monitoring until the product reaches its destination.



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