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High Hardness HRC 20 60 Stainless Alloy Steel Strip for Construction

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Detail Information

Application: Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Machinery, Etc. Powder Or Not: Not Powder
Colour: Bright,shinny Technique: Hot Rolled, Hot Forged, Cold Drawn
Width: 10mm - 600mm Tensile Strength: 1000 - 2000 MPa
Standard: AiSi, ASTM, Bs, DIN, GB, JIS Material: Alloy Steel

Product Description

Product Description:

The Alloy Steel Strip is a premium product that merges the durability and versatility of alloy steel with the precision and reliability required in a variety of demanding applications. This high-strength alloy steel strip is not a powder product; it retains the solid, malleable characteristics that make it suitable for processing and fabrication into a wide range of end products. The alloy steel strip is specifically designed to meet the needs of industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and machinery, making it an indispensable component in the manufacturing sector.

One of the most defining features of the Alloy Steel Strip is its stainless alloy steel strip composition. This offers a level of purity and stability that is critical for applications where strength is of the essence. The strip's stainless quality ensures that the end products are not only strong but also maintain their integrity over time. This is particularly important in aerospace and automotive industries, where materials are subjected to extreme conditions and stress.

The surface of the Alloy Steel Strip is meticulously polished, providing an excellent finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. A polished surface minimizes the risk of corrosion and enhances the corrosion-resistant properties of the strip. This corrosion-resistant alloy steel strip withstands harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for use in construction and outdoor machinery, where exposure to the elements is a constant challenge.

Our Alloy Steel Strip is crafted through a variety of techniques, including hot rolling, hot forging, and cold drawing. These methods are selected to ensure that the final product meets the exacting specifications required by our clients. The hot rolled technique is particularly suited for achieving greater thicknesses and a broader range of shapes, which is crucial in the construction industry. Hot forging is employed to produce parts that require superior strength and are subject to high stresses, as in many kinds of machinery. Meanwhile, the cold drawn process ensures enhanced surface finish, tighter dimensional tolerances, and increased tensile strength, making it perfect for high-precision applications.

This product falls under the classification of Patented Spring Steel Strip, which speaks to its high level of innovation and quality. The patented technology behind this steel strip provides exceptional yield and tensile strength, making it one of the most robust materials on the market. The spring steel attributes of the strip mean that it can endure significant flexing, twisting, and bending without losing its shape or compromising its structural integrity. This flexibility and resilience make it an excellent choice for components that require a high degree of elasticity, such as springs and clips in the automotive industry.

In conclusion, the Alloy Steel Strip is a high-performance material that embodies the characteristics of strength, resilience, and durability. It is not just a stainless alloy steel strip, but also a high-strength and corrosion-resistant alloy steel strip that stands up to the rigorous demands of various industries. Whether used in the intricate machinery of the aerospace sector, the robust vehicles of the automotive industry, the enduring structures of construction, or the essential equipment in other machinery, this Alloy Steel Strip is engineered to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled performance.


  • Product Name: Alloy Steel Strip
  • Feature: High-Strength Alloy Steel
  • Technique: Hot Rolled
  • Technique: Hot Forged
  • Technique: Cold Drawn
  • Powder Or Not: Not Powder
  • Width: 10mm - 600mm
  • Classification: Patented Spring Steel Strip
  • Specialty: Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Steel Strip

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Standard AiSi, ASTM, Bs, DIN, GB, JIS
Form Strips
Hardness HRC 20 - 60
Feature Alloy Steel
Tensile Strength 1000 - 2000 MPa
Application Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Machinery, Etc.
Powder Or Not Not Powder
Steel Grade SUP10-CSP
Technique Hot Rolled, Hot Forged, Cold Drawn
Number 1.5634


The High-Strength Alloy Steel Strip is a versatile and durable material that finds applications in several demanding industrial and manufacturing scenarios. With its impressive tensile strength ranging from 1000 to 2000 MPa, it is designed to withstand high levels of stress, making it ideal for use in environments where structural integrity is of utmost importance. The strips come in widths ranging from 10mm to 600mm, accommodating various requirements and facilitating precision in manufacturing processes.

One of the primary applications of the High-Strength Alloy Steel Strip is in the automotive industry. The industry demands materials that can contribute to the safety and longevity of vehicles. These strips are often used in the manufacturing of seatbelt components, hose clamps, and various types of springs. Their high tensile strength ensures that they can endure the repetitive stress and strain without compromising performance. Additionally, the bright, shiny finish not only adds an aesthetic quality but also provides a layer of corrosion resistance.

In the field of construction, the Nickel Alloy Steel Strip is extensively used due to its robustness and resistance to extreme temperatures and corrosive environments. This makes it suitable for structural components, such as supports and framing in buildings, as well as in the fabrication of heavy-duty equipment used in construction sites. The non-powder form of the alloy steel strip ensures that it can be welded and machined with ease, allowing for a wide range of structural applications.

The Stainless Alloy Steel Strip, known for its corrosion resistance, is a staple in the production of food processing equipment. The strip's non-toxic and clean surface is essential in environments where hygiene is paramount. Moreover, its high tensile strength makes it suitable for creating cutting blades, mixers, and conveyor belts. The strips can also be found in medical devices and surgical tools, where their bright surface and non-reactive properties are crucial.

Furthermore, the versatility of the High-Strength Alloy Steel Strip extends to the electronics industry. Here, the Nickel Alloy Steel Strip is often used in the manufacture of battery springs and connectors due to its excellent conductivity and resilience to temperature fluctuations. The stainless variant, with its reflective bright finish, is also used in decorative trims and components within electronic devices, merging functionality with an appealing aesthetic.

In summary, the High-Strength Alloy Steel Strip, with its diverse forms and exceptional properties, is crucial for applications requiring durability, precision, and aesthetic appeal. Its use spans across several industries, including automotive, construction, food processing, medical, and electronics, underscoring its importance and versatility as a material in modern manufacturing and engineering.


Our Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Steel Strip is crafted to meet a variety of industrial needs, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. Tailored to your specifications, this strip is available in a bright, shiny colour that enhances its aesthetic appeal while maintaining its functional qualities.

The High-Strength Alloy Steel Strip is designed to provide superior performance with a hardness range of HRC 20 - 60, allowing for use in demanding applications where strength and longevity are paramount. This feature-rich alloy steel product ensures high resistance to wear and tear.

Each Alloy Steel Strip we produce is customizable in form, offering strips that cater to your specific requirements. Made from high-quality alloy steel, our strips boast a combination of flexibility and robustness, making them ideal for various manufacturing processes.

Support and Services:

Our Alloy Steel Strip product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with guidance on the best practices for handling, storing, and processing our high-quality alloy steel strips to maintain their integrity and performance.

We offer detailed product documentation, including material specifications, safety data sheets, and user manuals, which are designed to address common questions and provide valuable insights into product features and benefits. Additionally, we provide troubleshooting assistance to help you quickly resolve any issues you may encounter during your use of the product.

Our technical support services include advice on material selection to match your specific application requirements, tips on enhancing the longevity of the product, and recommendations on compatible tools and equipment for processing the alloy steel strips. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your satisfaction with our Alloy Steel Strip product.

Packing and Shipping:

The Alloy Steel Strip is meticulously packaged to ensure maximum protection during transport. Each strip is initially wrapped in a corrosion-resistant paper, which provides a barrier against moisture and environmental contaminants. Following this, the wrapped strips are securely placed in sturdy, wooden crates or palletized, depending on the size and quantity of the order. These crates are then reinforced with strapping bands to prevent any movement that could cause damage to the strips during shipping.

Before dispatch, the crates are labeled with all the necessary shipping information, including the consignee's details, product specifications, and handling instructions. We adhere to all international packaging standards to guarantee that the Alloy Steel Strip arrives at its destination in the same condition it left our facility.

For international shipments, the packaging is compliant with export regulations and is designed to withstand the rigors of long-distance transportation, whether by land, sea, or air. We also offer customizable packaging solutions to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring that the product arrives safely and ready for use.


Q1: What are the main applications for Alloy Steel Strip?

A1: Alloy Steel Strip is used in various applications such as automotive parts, construction machinery, springs, chains, and industrial blades due to its high strength, durability, and ability to withstand stress and strain.

Q2: Can Alloy Steel Strip be customized in terms of thickness and width?

A2: Yes, Alloy Steel Strip can often be customized to meet specific thickness and width requirements. It's best to consult with the manufacturer for the available range of dimensions and tolerances that can be achieved.

Q3: How does the strength of Alloy Steel Strip compare to other types of steel strips?

A3: Alloy Steel Strip generally offers superior strength and toughness compared to carbon steel strips, as the addition of alloying elements like chromium, molybdenum, and nickel enhance its mechanical properties.

Q4: What is the typical hardness range for Alloy Steel Strip?

A4: The hardness of Alloy Steel Strip can vary depending on the specific grade and heat treatment applied. It can range from soft and ductile to very hard, capable of achieving high hardness levels through processes such as quenching and tempering.

Q5: Is Alloy Steel Strip corrosion-resistant?

A5: While Alloy Steel Strip has some inherent corrosion resistance due to the presence of alloying elements, it is generally less resistant than stainless steel. For enhanced corrosion resistance, additional coatings or specific alloy compositions may be used.

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